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AI Data Labeling Services

AI Data

Experience the highest quality labeled data

Easy to use and easily customizable tool with
professional service offered by data scientists.

Data Annotation Tools and Services
from Collection to Analysis

Collect, annotate, and analyze
From collection to analysis, we process the basics of AI training data: voice, image, video, text.
Efficient and effective process
By taking advantage of our expertise in AI platform and machine learning-based projects, we minimize time and resources on data processing.
Best Quality Data for AI projects
We analyze and select the data before the annotation to make the AI engine's best performance.

Data Annotation Services

  1. 1 Consultation and
    data design with data scientists
  2. 2 Preprocessing of data
    by using AI engines
  3. 3 Labeling and QA
  4. 6 4 Project completed Interim review with the customer
  5. 5 Data design modification
    if needed
  6. 4 6 Interim review with
    the customer
    Project completed

Use Cases

Detecting License Plate Number of Old Cars, Seoul Metropolitan Government
The AI-based vehicle detection on types and numbers of vehicles. Labeled data of license plate and the location of the plate are used.
Anomaly Detection from Surveillance Camera, Suwon Metropolitan City
Detects twelve types of abnormal events by labeling subjects and the motions and connecting the relationship between the two.
Detecte Voice
Data for Speech Recognition & Generation
Written data to create various types of speech patterns and audio files for accurate transcription of speech data.

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